Meet Edward Dolezal

Edward Dolezal is based in West Palm Beach and travelled teaching all over Florida too. He is founder of Universal Tai Chi and Qi Gong Institute, Qi Gong Instructor Trainer, Tai Chi  Qi Gong Instructor, Fa Chi Healer, Founder & Managing Director of the Holistic and Metaphysical Expo of The Palm Beaches LLC, , Ordained Minister, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. He is founding member of  Pureland International Qi Gong. He is also Professional Member of the National Qi Gong Association.  

He is skilled in remote healing and much more.

Fluent in French and Italian and conversant in Spanish

* Remote Fa Chi Session Level 5 / Qi Gong Instructor

My story

However you come to Qi Gong, welcome! Whether it’s for curative, prophylactic or spiritual purposes, be prepared for powerful positive changes in your life.

Even though I was a Reiki Level 3 Practitioner, I was attracted to and learned Health and Fitness Qi Gong, as well as other forms.  It resulted in the elimination of pharmaceuticals for my asthma and COPD condition.

My pulmonologist confirms that it has been reversed.  I became a Fa Qi Si, Medical Qi Gong healer, and solely use this technique with clients now. Good outcomes are always reported by them.

Qi Gong

Tai Chi

Our Services

Private and Group Teachings

  • Tai Chi

  • Yang style Gin Soon Tai Chi Quan - full form of 108 steps

  • Yang style Short form

  • Tai Chi Long and Short Form

  • Professional training of Qi Gong with different Levels

Tai Chi Long and Short Form

Yang style Gin Soon Tai Chi Quan -full form of 108 steps

Yang style Short form

Remote Distant Chi Healing

  • Chi Energy Balancing Session

  • Aches and Pain Balancing Session

  • Stress Reduction Balancing Session

  • Charkas Balancing Session

  • 5-Elements Balancing Session


We are organizing workshops in the futre, more information will be coming soon! Please return to the website for details.

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